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NEPONSET, IL – In a move designed to better reflect its reputation and brand strategy, Martin Engineering has unveiled a new logo and visual identity for all of its corporate communications, marketing materials and Internet presence.  

The new look was developed to invoke the progressive history of the organization and its many design innovations, as well as an intensified focus on custom-tailored solutions for specific customer issues.

“This is the first high-level strategic re-branding in over 30 years,” said Jim Turner, Corporate Vice President of Marketing and Sales. “The company’s new tagline, ‘Problem Solved’ spotlights the essence of the re-branding.  It speaks to our reputation as problem solvers, built over a long history of providing high quality products and leading edge designs.” 

Turner went on to explain that the philosophy is an evolution of deep-seated beliefs at Martin Engineering.  “’Problem solved’ isn’t just our tagline,” Turner continued. “It’s what we do. We strive to truly know each customer’s individual process and understand their needs. That’s a key step in developing and delivering practical solutions.” 

The new logo and brand strategy was a result of almost two years’ worth of analysis and research. In 2010, Martin Engineering initiated a global study, intended to gain insights into the critical factors which create and sustain customer satisfaction and long-term loyalty.  

Customer input from the global study confirmed that the company’s long-established visual identity was perceived as dated, and did not adequately reflect the attributes that customers have come to recognize and appreciate in Martin Engineering. With feedback from the study as a starting point, the company set about the process of refreshing and modernizing the Martin Engineering brand. 

The overhaul includes many practical elements, such as an enhanced web site experience that adds zoom features and 360º rotation capabilities to many photos, drawings and graphics.  The company’s U.S. Business Unit will launch its version of the redesigned web site in March, with other locations and languages following throughout the year.

“The underlying theme in all of this work is never being satisfied, and always striving to exceed expectations,” Turner added. “By continuously developing new technologies and best practices, we bring value to our customers, and that’s ultimately helping us both succeed.”

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Founded in 1944, Martin Engineering is the world leader in making bulk materials handling cleaner, safer and more productive. The company supplies flow aids and conveyor products around the world for a wide variety of ...