Starlinger delivers 100th AD*STAR conversion line

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VIENNA – The ad*starKON 60 is the efficient and reliable conversion line for the worldwide patented AD*STAR sacks developed by Starlinger & Co. GmbH.

In December 2011 the 100th line for the production of block bottom valve bags out of woven polypropylene tapes has been delivered. Designed for the production of the worldwide patented AD*STAR block bottom valve sacks, the Starlinger ad*starKON conversion line combines state-of-the-art technology with outstanding flexibility and high reliability. With a production capacity of up to 60 sacks per minute and an efficiency of more than 85 % it achieves an output of 22 million sacks per year. Machine-oriented operation with touch screen, an integrated quality assurance system and semiautomatic roll changeover ensure a smooth production process with reduced waste and high efficiency.

The AD*STAR concept
The AD*STAR sack technology was developed by Starlinger and introduced on the sack market in 1996. Since then, the worldwide production of AD*STAR sacks has arrived at more than 4 billion sacks per year. The brick-shaped woven polypropylene bags are ideally suited for the high degree of automation which is characteristic of plants for filling dry bulk goods.

No glue needed: Worldwide patented hot air sealing technology
The Starlinger ad*starKON conversion lines have been constructed to produce block bottom valve bags and block bottom open mouth bags without the use of adhesives. The coated tubular polypropylene tape fabric is bonded together merely by applying hot air and pressure to the fabric. The hot air first softens the polypropylene coating, then the valve, top and bottom patches are applied, pressed onto the folded sack bottoms, and cooled. This procedure makes the AD*STAR sack a desired single-material solution fully suitable for recycling.

Magnetic transport and special microperforation unit
To avoid pin holes in the fabric, the conversion line is standard equipped with a magnetic transport system. This keeps packaging products such as food or certain types of chemicals hermetically sealed and protects the content against outside influences. For filling highly aerated goods, in turn, an optional microperforation unit can be used. The produced bags thus have high air permeability that allows excess air to escape. At the same time product emission is virtually zero.

Non-stop Production
Double unwinding stands for the main fabric and the patch rolls ensure that the machine can run non-stop. An additional fabric roll monitoring system on all unwinding stations alerts the operator when the respective roll becomes empty and needs to be changed. This feature avoids machine downtime and contributes to further reduce production waste.

AD*STAR® is a registered trademark and produced exclusively on Starlinger machines.

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