GEA Avapac

GEA Avapac is a world leader in the design and manufacture of high quality bulk and retail filling systems for the food, dairy and pharmaceutical Industries.

With more than 30 years experience and many hundreds of references world-wide, the Avapac brand of 25kg fillers are well respected in our chosen industries.

GEA Avapac is also the home to the Colby and Albro retail filling systems.

GEA Avapac systems

GEA Avapac designs and manufactures hygienic packing systems for a wide range of powders.

In order to provide our customers with performance guarantees for each of their powders, we require information on the powder composition and properties. To assist our customers, there are several tests which can be carried out by one of our local GEA Niro representatives – the results of which we will use to determine the final performance specifications of the GEA Avapac equipment.

If you have any specialist requirements for your products, GEA Avapac would be pleased to assist you to develop a system to meet your requirements.

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