AIRCHOC® to Avoid Production Stoppages due to Accumulation of Biomass Materials

Since 1978, Standard Industrie International is a leading group in the engineering and manufacturing of industrial equipment specialized in the handling, storage, and transport of bulk materials.

Its innovative solutions help improve production performance and efficiency, reduce maintenance costs and risks, and ensure a safer work environment. They are regularly used in the bioenergy sector. Here are 2 examples:

Used in the boiler room, AIRCHOC® air blasters guarantee continuous heat production and allow operators to supply energy without the risk of breakage due to build-ups.

An Austrian engineering company specializing in the design of boilers for the incineration of wood chips has appealed to Standard Industrie International to face a technical challenge: Guarantee the heat exchange in the economizer.

The continuous burning of wood chips creating a lot of ash generates ash deposits on the economizer tubes. The accumulation phenomenon greatly reduces the efficiency of the economizer requiring a weekly cleaning and the stoppage of the boiler. The AIRCHOC® installed allows the boiler to be used at full efficiency while drastically reducing cleaning operations.

In this case, the customer, a Biomass Thermal Power Plant in Spain, is facing clogging problems (arching) both in the feed chutes of the biomass boiler and in the hopper above the augers. This clogging is mainly due to the low density of the material and its moisture content.

8 Airchoc® 0.5 liter air cannons were strategically installed on the chutes and 4 Airchoc® AC520 were placed on the hopper to prevent material deposits. All in ATEX zone 20 version.

The hopper had to be reinforced with thicker sections due to the powerful firing of the Airchoc® AC520. This device allows the customer to maintain its production of 20 megawatt/hour.

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