Dedusting and Aspiration in Dry Material Handling Processes

Dedusting and Aspiration in Dry Material Handling Processes
Dedusting and industrial aspiration are essential practices in several dry material handling processes.

Even in the food industry, higher concentrations of otherwise harmless ingredients can be a serious occupational hazard, not to mention other sectors of the industry such as chemicals, where even extremely low dust concentrations are dangerous by default. Nevertheless, dust concentrations in the production facilities or dust emissions in the environment are strictly controlled and regulated by governmental agencies.

Therefore, selecting with due diligence the right filters is paramount either when designing a new production line or when refurbishing or expanding existing setups.

At the same time, dedusting is essential for the performance of mechanical conveyors (especially chain conveyors, and bucket elevators). Wrongly designed aspiration systems can easily lead to dust leakage from joints or volumetric losses of raw material through the dedusting filter or network. When it comes to pneumatic conveying, the impact can be severe as a wrongly sized filter-receiver or the omission of air/dust extraction points can directly affect the pneumatic conveying capacity, or downgrade the accuracy of weighing and batching systems.

 Vraykos is a manufacturer of self-cleaning filters using pressurized air jets suitable for the whole range of bulk material handling processes, either for pneumatic conveying setups and mechanical conveyors or for dedusting loading/unloading stations.      

Our VRF jet filters are a well-balanced choice for any pneumatic conveying, raw materials intake systems, mechanical conveyors, as well as for aspiration of storage silos and dedusting of big bag stations.

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