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Earthing/Grounding Multiple Metal Containers in Hazardous Atmosphere

Earthing/Grounding Multiple Metal Containers in Hazardous Atmosphere
4 May 2023  |
Without suitable earthing provisions on site, electrostatic charges can accumulate on metal containers, such as drums and hazardous area suitable Ex IBCs during the handling of flammable liquids in Ex/HAZLOC. Once such handling operations begin, these metal containers can quickly generate enough voltage for an electrostatic discharge to occur.

Implementing suitable electrostatic earthing & bonding measures is a critical step to mitigating against the risks posed to plant personnel and assets from ignitions caused by electrostatic discharges.

The storage and handling of flammable liquids is a necessity for many chemical companies’ daily operations. Once a hazardous area classification has been assigned to the area(s) in question, attention should turn to the control of potential ignition sources in these areas.

Many users will opt for an earthing system that continuously monitors the connection as far as the designated earth point in order to mitigate against loose or corroded connections.

A system that monitors to a 10 Ω permissive threshold provides continuous indication of a connection that adheres to best practice recommendations.

When multiple electrostatic earth monitoring connections are required in a process area, the use of “traditional” single channel monitoring systems that would each require power in the 110/230 V AC range may not be the most cost effective, or flexible option in terms of installation requirements. Therefore, the use of a multi-channel earth monitoring system such as the Earth-Rite® MULTIPOINT II should be considered. This system allows for the simultaneous monitoring of up to eight items of process equipment to a 10 Ω permissive threshold from a single ATEX, IECEx, NEC & CEC certified monitoring control unit, and a 110/230 V AC power supply unit.

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