New Static Grounding & Bonding Handbook

New Static Grounding & Bonding Handbook
Our new static Grounding & Bonding Handbook identifies the processes at risk of discharging incendive electrostatic sparks into EX / HAZLOC atmospheres.

Although static electricity is generally regarded as a nuisance, in the hazardous process industries it can become an ignition source. Discharges of static electricity have been identified as the ignition source in a broad range of processes. It is as potent as sparks resulting from mechanical and electrical sources, and yet, it is often underestimated, either due to a lack of awareness of the risks it poses or because of neglect and/or complacency.

Newson Gale’s new Grounding and Bonding Handbook highlights some of the processes that can be susceptible to static charge accumulation.

  • View a range of solutions that can help mitigate against the accumulation of electrostatic charge.
  • Check some of the latest state of the art guidance from the National Fire Protection Association and the EX division of International Electrotechnical Commission.
  • Understanding static electricity and why it is a credible ignition source in HAZLOC/EX atmospheres.

Download your free copy to read about the risks associated with road tankers, IBCs, drums, and other plant equipment, as well as the measures of control that can create a safer and more productive working environment.

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