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Static Electricity - Are you aware of the invisible danger?

Static Electricity - Are you aware of the invisible danger?
Static electricity is often misunderstood or underestimated, either due to a lack of awareness of the risks it poses or because of neglect and/or complacency.

In many branches of industry, hazardous atmospheres exist due to the presence of flammable liquid vapours, gases, dust and fibres. No matter how the explosive atmosphere is classified, all potential ignition sources must be eliminated, with static electricity being perhaps the most insidious of them all.

Electrostatic charges can accumulate on tank trucks, vacuum trucks, interconnection plant assemblies, metal containers such as drums and hazardous area suitable Ex IBCs.  Once the handling operations begin, these metal containers can quickly accumulate enough voltage for an electrostatic discharge to occur resulting in potential ignitions in Ex atmospheres.

For over 40 years, Newson Gale has been leading the way in hazardous area static grounding control, serving many industries globally where processes generating static electricity have the potential to ignite flammable or combustible atmospheres. To help control these risks, Newson Gale offers a wide range of static grounding and bonding equipment designed to provide optimum safety in explosive atmospheres and other hazardous operating environments.

For more information about Newson Gale and our static grounding control solutions, download the latest Grounding and Bonding Applications Handbook to learn about static electricity and its relevance as a potential ignition hazard in your industrial processes. This handbook highlights some of the processes that are susceptible to discharging electrostatic sparks in EX/HAZLOC atmospheres and includes:

  • Examples of processes most commonly associated with electrostatic ignitions.
  • A wide range of solutions that enables HAZMAT engineers and QHSE professionals to demonstrate compliance with recommended practice.
  • The latest guidance from the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) and the Ex division of International Electrotechnical Commission (IECEx).
  • Understanding static electricity and why it is a credible ignition source in Ex/HAZLOC atmospheres.

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Newson Gale, a HOERBIGER Safety Solutions Company, enjoys an outstanding market position in electrostatic grounding for hazardous areas. Headquartered in Nottingham, United Kingdom, the company is represented in over 50 countries around the globe. Newson...

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