A Powerful and Cost-Effective Feeder for the Plastics Industry

A Powerful and Cost-Effective Feeder for the Plastics Industry
The brand new ProRate PLUS continuous single screw gravimetric feeder from Coperion K-Tron is a robust, yet cost-effective feeding solution for the plastics industry.

It delivers impressive results with its simple design and is capable of handling feed rates from 3.3 up to 4800 dm3/h [0.12 up to 400 ft3/h]. Moreover, its unique and compact design not only offers space-saving arrangements but allows easy access for cleaning and maintenance due to its trapezoidal shape.

Coperion K-Tron continues to make technological advancements with its proven feeder technology. All ProRate PLUS feeders are equipped with P-SFT load cells, featuring reliable Smart Force Transducer (SFT) weighing technology for accurate measurements when processing pellets, granules, and other bulk materials in secondary plastics applications. Additionally, each feeder comes with its own pre-wired ProRate PLUS PCM control module that is mounted to the feeder stand with adjustable height positioning. Every PCM is tested at Coperion K-Tron’s manufacturing facility prior to shipping. Two models are available to choose from: a basic motor control unit (PCM-MD) or an advanced version with an integrated user interface and line control functionality (PCM-KD). Coperion K-Tron also remains committed to customer satisfaction by offering a variety of services to ensure ProRate PLUS feeder lines run smoothly for every customer. From an online portal to 24-hour phone support and even remote start-up assistance, trained service technicians are available to keep systems running around the globe.

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