Loss in Weight Feeders Built to Survive Harsh Operating Environments

Loss in Weight Feeders Built to Survive Harsh Operating Environments
Loss-in-weight feeders rely on exceptionally high measurement resolution and frequent load sampling for accurate rate measurement and control.

Thayer Scale’s technologies mitigate the known mechanical factors, such as foundation distortion and tight process connections, that contribute to inaccurate weight measurement and poor measurement repeatability in loss-in-weight feeders.

FMSS Cable Suspension System

Thayer Scale’s proprietary Force Measurement Suspension System (FMSS) is an interposed active structure, consisting of one or more articulated members, placed between the load receptor (hopper, platform, weigh suspension, etc.) and a load cell. This system functions as a force vector filter, blocking all nuisance, erroneous, and destructive (shock and impact) force vectors. It has an unmatched ability to tolerate the unintentional operator abuse that accompanies frequent equipment cleanout, setup changeovers, equipment re-positioning, and mechanical repair if necessary.

This patented system utilizes a series of stainless-steel cables in conjunction with Torque Transfer Tubes to accurately focus a force to a tension-type load cell, which is completely independent of load position and precisely proportional to net rather than gross load. The system is adaptable to most load cells whether they are of the strain gauge or LVTD type.

Because the system utilizes only static components, there are no active elements to maintain, even under severe operating conditions. The cable suspension system is inherently self-aligning to the direction of gravity, and therefore, is not affected by building or foundation distortions. It can be hung from the ceiling or secured to the floor without concern. A final lever with true mass counterbalancing of tare loads permits load cell selection based upon net load rather than total load, thereby optimizing system accuracy, sensitivity, and stability.

Benefits of Thayer Scale’s FMSS cable suspension system:

  • No scale can take more abuse
  • Sustained sensitivity without maintenance
  • Nullifies heavy tare loads
  • Adapts to all mounting arrangement
  • Tolerates heavy overloading
  • Withstands extraneous lateral shocks
  • Permits 90+% Load Cell Utilization
  • Easily accepts Automatic Test Weight Lifter
  • Load cell accessible for easy replace mentor re-rating
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