Trantec Make It Look So Easy

Trantec Make It Look So Easy - Easy-clean “M” Series metering screw
Lancashire-based Trantec Solids Handling Ltd, a leading provider of powder handling equipment to the bulk solids handling industry have introduced innovative new features allowing easy-clean of Trantec’s “M” Series metering screw feeders with almost complete dismantling in less than 5 minutes.

Most screw feeder manufacturers offer easy-clean features with quick-release parts. However, elements of the metering feeder, in particular the main body, remain in place.

Trantec have been researching and testing different ways to improve their quick release mechanisms. Trantec believe their latest design sets them apart from the competition allowing almost the whole machine, including the main feeder body, to be removed without using tools.

Reducing downtime and eliminating cross contamination were key factors highlighted by Trantec’s customers. The latest version of the “M” series machines allows inexperienced operators to safely dismantle the entire Metering Feeder down to its simplest components.

Inventive thinking allowed Trantec to reduce the number of components to a specialised few which have been carefully designed to aid cleaning. All parts can be loaded into dishwashers, duplicate parts can be pre-washed, prepared and then reassembled in less than five minutes. A complete product change in less than ten minutes.

In the last two decades, Trantec have become one of the worldwide leaders in the manufacturer of metering screw feeders. Since the company first formed in 1997, their managing director Gareth Harrison has always focused on the innovative side of the business.

“We believe innovation should be the core of our business. Listening to our customers and understanding their needs are crucial in our product development.”

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