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Moving Powders With Ease With Trantec’s metering screw feeders

1 May 2019  |
For more than 22 years, Trantec Solids Handling Ltd have been designing and manufacturing powder dosing equipment for a huge variety of different customers and industries.

Since 1997, the year in which the company manufactured the first Volumetric Metering Screw Feeder, the name Trantec has come to stand for innovation in bulk solids handling technology and equipment supply.

If a customer has a particular requirement for a product that may have, for example, poor flow characteristics, we can modify or configure our screw feeders if necessary – although the likelihood is that we will have experience of that product or very similar and have a solution without the need for costly modifications. We design and manufacture a range of metering screw feeders that are modular in design, offer easy-clean features and quick release mechanisms. In short, whatever your material we will have a metering screw feeder that can handle it. In order to stay in tune with the market and ahead of the competition we are constantly looking at ways of improving our products.

Every metering feeder that we manufacture can achieve optimum performance and accuracy. Working in conjunction with many Food Processing, Packaging, and Pharma/Medical sectors we have developed feeders that are equipped with unique features that allow processing of fine powders and large particles (harsh materials).

Stainless Steel Screw Feeder - Moving Powders With Ease

Manufactured using grade 316 stainless steel, our metering feeders offer excellent levels of corrosion and chemical resistance. Equipped with a sanitary finish we use EC and FDA approved materials of construction with crevice free internal welds and various finishes including mirror polished. Our metering feeders offer a wide range of feed rates – from 20 grams to 20 tonnes per hour. Control options include loss in weight, gain in weight and gravimetric based systems.

Trantec’s metering screw feeders also incorporate specially designed PTFE based shaft seals allowing Trantec feeders to withstand aggressive environments, high temperatures and dry running that traditional seals cannot withstand. These cartridge type seals are manufactured in house using advanced CNC machine tools and are designed to be easily replaced by operators without using tools.

Food Processing and Pharmaceutical industries strive to reduce the risk of product contamination. Gaskets and other elastomer seals are a particular concern during cleaning or dismantling of machinery. Trantec now fit metal detectable blue silicone elastomers throughout their metering feeder machines. Custom made blue metal detectable elastomers can be manufactured in-house using the latest 3D printing and casting techniques to meet specific customer requirements.

Minimising down time takes centre stage with Trantec’s Powder dosing equipment. We have worked closely with our customers to design features which produce fast turnarounds for equipment cleansing and allergen control methods.

Moving Powders With Ease with Trantec metering screw feeders

Quick release features can be included across all Trantec Screw Feeders which allow almost total dismantling, without the use of any tools by even novice operators in less than five minutes. Trantec have taken this principle one stage further by having interchangeable parts that have been pre-cleaned and prepared away from the production area. Specialised trolleys carry the parts to the production area where operators can strip down and rebuild a feeder in around five minutes.

In keeping with Trantec’s policy of continual development, new and improved features are already under test to offer better accuracy of powder dosing, quick dismantling and easy cleaning and maximum reliability.

Trantec offer a comprehensive test and evaluation service. We can bring test equipment to your site for trials, conduct in-house tests at our works and video the results or you are welcome to visit and observe the trials personally.

For more information about Trantec’s metering screw feeders and other products, please call 01282 777566 or visit our website at Alternatively, you can email us at

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