Orbetron Introduces Ezi-Dock™ Processing Bags

Orbetron Introduces Ezi-Dock™ Processing Bags
In 2020 we introduced the integration of Ezi-Dock™ to Orbetrons Single and Twin Screw lab feeders.

The introduction of Ezi-Dock™ processing bags and bottles was made. The processing bags are designed for smaller amounts of materials and can be disposed of after being used, while the processing bottles are designed for larger amounts of materials and can be cleaned and reused after being used.

This allowed for us here at Orbetron to reintroduce our four-disc feeders, the 50 series, 100 series, 150 series, and the 200 series, as the OD50EZ, OD100EZ, OD150EZ, and the OD200EZ. This product now provides 100% material containment before, during, and after usage.

Some new upgrades allow for the integration of adaptors as well as multiple storage containment options. There also have been improvements in consistency and repeatability for low rate feeding. This application is suited to feed powder to pelletized materials for injection molding, extrusion, and other plastics-related feeding applications.

In the Picture shown there is a 100 series disc feeder with an Ezi-Dock™ bag transfer system attached to a stand, this is now referred to as the OD100EZ.

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Orbetron, was established in 2011 to fill a niche in the low rate bulk material feeding market. Our consistent drive to produce a product that will feed low rates has allowed us to design feeders that you can hold in your hand! Since our founding our product line has expanded to include single/twin screw hard wall feeders, single/twin screw flex ...