Proven Smart Flow Meter Technology Achieves Compelling High-Rate Bulk Solids Feeding Performance

Proven Smart Flow Meter Technology Achieves Compelling High-Rate Bulk Solids Feeding Performance
The ideal solids flow measuring device not only features high performance accuracy, but also simplicity of design, long-term operational stability, low or no maintenance, insensitivity to ambient conditions, durability, and the ability to tare without interrupting production.

The Coperion K-Tron K-SFM Smart Flow Meter offers all these benefits, making it an ideal solution for bulk solids metering. The K-SFM has no moving parts in the measuring pathway, thereby ensuring gentle handling of the bulk material – a distinct advantage over other flow meter technologies. It employs two patented digital Smart Force Transducer load cells (SFT) to independently measure the weight and speed of the material flow. With these two readings known, flow rate is easily determined.

Bulk material flows by gravity through two measuring channels mounted on load cells. The upper measuring channel is an inclined chute which measures the force acting perpendicularly on the chute and generates a weight signal. The bulk material then flows into the lower, vertical channel where the force of impact is measured, which is used to determine velocity. Using the signals from both load cells, the flow rate is then determined per unit of time.

The rugged, patented SFT digital weighing technology provides a fully calibrated (linearized, spanned, and temperature compensated) signal to the KCM-III feeder controller. The SFT load cells are dynamically responsive to the instantaneous changes in loading which are characteristic of any flow meter operation. A weighing resolution of 1:8,000,000 in 20 ms provides high accuracy. Due to its fully digital design, the SFT features exceptional long-term measurement stability, eliminating the need for periodic load cell recalibration.

The Smart Flow Meter is fitted with a bypass channel to enable online taring at any time without interrupting the metering process. Taring may be called for when sticky materials cause build-up inside the device or when major changes in ambient temperature or the temperature of the bulk material occur during operation. The bypass flap built into the inlet allows the material flow to be diverted to a separate internal channel. While the material flow is redirected, the new tare weight is determined and the zero value is reset. As soon as re-taring has been accomplished, the flap moves back to the standard position and the material flows down the regular metering path of the device. Re-taring can be done manually or by setting up the controller to periodically perform the operation.

The Coperion K-Tron Smart Flow Meter is available in two capacities: Model K-SFM-275 for bulk material flows from 2,000 to 36,000 kg/h (4,400 to 79,200 lb/h) and model K-SFM-350 from 5,000 to 120,000 kg/h (11,000 to 264,000 lb/h). A simple field calibration procedure is available which can optimize accuracy. Both models are rated IP65/NEMA 4 with all stainless steel construction 1.4404/1.4435 (AISI 316 L). A large access door is provided for easy cleaning. ATEX 3D and 2D versions are available for applications in hazardous locations. The Smart Flow Meter excels as a high rate gravimetric feeder, or as a batcher or meter in a wide variety of industries. It can handle many types of free-flowing bulk materials with particle sizes from 0.02 mm up to 10 mm. Bulk material shapes easily handled by the Smart Flow Meter include granules, chips, or fibers. Typical applications include feeding control at high rates with a rotary valve or similar device at the infeed, measuring batches into filling or other downstream equipment, or simple metering for materials management or data logging. By combining stable, high-resolution digital weighing with an innovative approach to continuous flow meter design, reliably accurate flow measurement and control are available, without the complexities, cost, or performance limitations of traditional technologies. The application of smart digital weighing technology to high capacity solids metering and feeding brings quality-conscious processors in a wide range of industries the ability to improve their processes and simplify their operations.

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