Software Development Services for Manufacturing, Testing, and Product Development

Instrumentation and Controls
Spec Engineering specializes in custom-designed, high-quality process systems that will take your concept to design to reality. Our full-service team takes a detailed approach by combining the resources of an engineering company with the capabilities of a manufacturing company.

Whether you are completing a whole system with Spec Engineering or looking to integrate controls into your existing system, our controls division offers top-quality software development services for manufacturing, testing, and product development. Our controls integration engineers have quality experience in manufacturing automation, including batch production, manufacturing process control, product packaging, and material handling.

Recently, Spec Engineering completed a Popcorn Kitchen Improvement project that included 3D modeling, engineering services, automation, and construction management. The control scope included a supervisory PLC system that allowed all manual processes to be automated. This included the integration of the mixers and popcorn equipment, recipe creation and management, batch control sequencing including flow meter dosing of ingredients and PID loop control of heaters for maintaining tank temperature.

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Since 1979, Spec Engineering, a Gray company, has been a single source for system design and process equipment integration. We specialize in processing systems from raw materials through packaging. With over 40 years of expertise in storing, feeding, conveying, mixing, blending, batching, controls, and automation for food & beverage, bakery & ...