AERO-FLEX Flexible Auger Conveyors for Metered Transfer of Powders & Solids

AERO-FLEX Flexible Auger Conveyors for Metered Transfer of Powders & Solids
VAC-U-MAX offers a full range of AERO-FLEX Flexible Auger Conveyor Systems for mobile, metered transfer of powders and other bulk materials in an enclosed dust-free environment.

As part of the AEROCON Conveyor product range, this filter-less method of bulk material transfer is designed to adapt to many applications within the plant processing environment, with the ability to move the mobile system from one processing application to another. Utilizing a single, flexible conveying tube, the AERO-FLEX Flexible Auger System allows the bulk material flow to be stopped and started without the need to purge the line.

The system offers a heavy-duty robust design, with geared drives and heavy flanges as standard, metering bulk materials directly into the receiving hopper at a set rate. The one-piece auger has no welded sections. A rounded flighting edge reduces wall friction forces, gently conveying bulk materials using a combination of natural vertical and horizontal forces generated by the screw. The system is ideal for the transfer of major and minor ingredients, including friable bulk materials, with minimal product degradation.

The AERO-FLEX Flexible Auger System is ideal for applications including unloading Bulk Bags, Paper Sacks, Silos, filling packing machine hoppers, or any application requiring low to medium transfer volumes of bulk materials via flood feed. With the addition of a Bag Dump Station, AERO-FLEX can be filled with bulk materials and left to convey in a flood-fed state, freeing the operator of other duties.

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