Batch Mixer Line Operates in Choice of Fully Automated and Fully Manual Modes

Batch Mixer Line Operates in Choice of Fully Automated and Fully Manual Modes
The GMS Multiflux® line of batch mixers from process equipment manufacturer Gericke USA, Somerset, NJ, includes a choice of fully automated and fully manual operating modes as standard to allow a single mixer to match the level of automation required for each product and/or production line.

Ideal for contract manufacturers and others seeking multi-product versatility with fast product changeovers, the GMS Multiflux mixers integrate easily into fully automated operations for highly efficient, non-stop operation, and can be quickly switched to manual mode at the push of a button for new product development, custom batches, and other short runs.

To promote smooth changeovers when switching from automated to manual operation and back, the Gericke mixers include full-size doors that invite complete access to the mixing rotors, mixing chamber, and the entire interior for easy cleaning and inspection. The mixers are available in five models ranging from 4,000 liters to 100 liters by usable volume and include stainless steel construction as standard to meet FDA and GMP requirements.

The GMS Multiflux mixer line is known for its proprietary, horizontal double rotor design that quickly and gently combines multiple powders and liquids in a homogeneous mixture within 30 seconds, even in small quantities below 0.01 percent. The mixer may be tested in the fully automated and fully manual modes in the company’s New Jersey test laboratory.

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