Gericke adds Ploughshare Mixers and Reactors to its Range

Gericke adds Ploughshare Mixers and Reactors to its Range
To further strengthen its position as a leading global system and component provider in the powder processing industry, Gericke announces the extension of its single shaft batch mixing line with the GBM M Mixers.

In addition to the established and broad range of batch and continuous mixing systems, Gericke now also covers all needs in the single shaft batch mixing and reacting applications. This program extension includes larger batch mixer models (up to 10’000 l), extractable mixing tools, and mixers suitable for solid-solid, solid-liquid, and solid-gas reactions. To effectively drive reaction processes of any kind the Gericke single shaft batch mixers are available with double shells (for heating, cooling, or drying) and designed for high pressure and vacuum operation.

When producing food, chemical, and pharmaceutical products there are additional demands on the highest possible degree of safety as well as for hygiene and reliable operation. These mixers and reactors have been developed as an answer to the demanding requirements of operational safety and hygiene in those industries. The mixers are ATEX certified and individually configured according to the requirements.

Like all other Gericke equipment, these solutions are globally supported by the Gericke network of group companies and local partners. The Gericke test centers are available to select and verify the right mixing solution and the complete system setup.

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