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Klinkenberg is Entering its Second Year as the Exclusive Agent of TAMAR Seals in the Benelux

20 Jul 2023  |

Original sealing solutions

Over the years, Tambour has tried various types of seals on its ribbon blenders, including air purging, gland packings, reverse screw seals, water barrier fluids, Meco seals, and many other types of seals available in the market. All the tested seals had limited success. The main problem with using conventional sealing technology is dealing with the crystallizing and drying properties of the cement, which is based on putty. The cement has been designed and adjusted to provide the best operating conditions in the blender. However, even after adjusting the cement, it remains particularly difficult for most conventional seals to contain the product inside the ribbon blender, resulting in unreliable performance and a short lifespan of the existing seal.

Current sealing type

The old gland packings have been replaced by an mechanical seal (split seal) with water barrier fluid.

Measured MTBF Rate of mechanical sealing type:

Unreliable and difficult-to-predict seal failures resulted in an MTBF (“Mean Time Between Failures”) of 3-4 months, which can be considered poor. This is a normal lifespan for these applications according to the customer. The customer always had to keep at least 2 spare seal assemblies in stock

TAMAR seals replaced the old mechanical split seals in mid-2022. In general, these are the challenging applications where the old seals lasted 3-4 months. In these applications, the TAMAR seal will last at least 1 year before maintenance is required (these are split seals), and the total life expectancy is at least 3 years. In the paint factory, we are now 14 months ahead and still no maintenance is needed at all. The TAMAR seal has proven to be reliable, and it is easy to predict seal issues. After the initial success of the first two seals, we have received four more orders.

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