Mixing Machines for the Perfect Blend

Mixing Machines for the Perfect Blend
Kemutec Mixing Machines have over 160 years of engineering invested into them, making their design and output of the highest, trusted quality.

Forming part of the well-known Gardner Mixer range, Kemutec Mixing Machines encompass units that offer different capabilities and are designed to achieve a specific homogeneity of the mixture, as well as a correct blending time, size and color, etc.

Gardner technologies benefit from having over a century of proven features built into them, thereby allowing our team at Kemutec to produce a wide range of customized Mixing Machines that are suitable for differing process applications and operating conditions. They are most commonly used in the Food, Chemical, and Pharmaceutical industries.

Customised Range

Gardner Machines include Ribbon Mixers that offer batch and continuous processing and ensure ingredients are dispersed homogeneously. Plough Mixers that perform at high speed, with high shear mixing – for breaking up lumps & agglomerates. Double Cone Blenders that gently tumble free-flowing powders & granules, in addition to delicate products. Or even heavy abrasives. Lastly, Vertical Mixers that quickly mix free-flowing, heat-sensitive or fragile product

Kemutec’s Gardner Mixer technology has continuously evolved since they were first introduced by William Gardner in 1860, from Gloucester UK. This has helped influence our reputation as being always Ahead of The ‘Mixing Process’ Times.

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