Rotary Continuous Bulk Solids Mixer for High-Volume Applications

Rotary Continuous Bulk Solids Mixer for High-Volume Applications
A new sanitary Model RCM36X9SS Rotary Continuous Mixer from Munson Machinery blends dry bulk solids with or without liquid additions, in-line at low cost over long production runs.

Intended for dust-free mixing of bulk materials in large volumes, it blends primary bulk ingredients, minor ingredients, and/or liquid additions and coatings uniformly with little or no degradation.

It features a stationary inlet, a stationary outlet, a rotating drum with smooth interior surfaces and proprietary mixing flights that impart a gentle tumbling action, distributing particles with each degree of drum rotation, imparting no shear or energy into the material.

Unlike mixers with agitators that are forced through stationary material, the rotary continuous design has no internal moving parts and lower power requirements; a 3 HP (2.24 kW) electric motor rotates the drum at 8 to 10 RPM.

Optional stainless steel piping with nozzles allows uniform spraying of liquid additives onto a wide expanse of cascading material produced by the internal flights, minimizing the time required to coat all particles uniformly.

A weir (dam) at the discharge end of the drum creates a build-up of blended material that overflows the weir and discharges the mixer at rates determined by the residence volume of the rotating cylinder and the rate of material inflow.

A reversing discharge weir is available to fully evacuate material at the end of production runs, allowing cleaning or sanitizing.

Other models are offered in diameters from 16 to 72 in. (41 to 183 cm), in lengths from 4 to 24 ft (122 to 732 cm).

Typical applications include bulk foods such as cereals, powdered drink mixes, snack foods, and pet foods, and bulk chemicals such as detergents, catalysts, polymers, pesticides, and fertilizers.

Other mixing and blending equipment produced by the company includes Rotary Batch Mixers, Ribbon/Paddle/Plow Blenders, Vee-Cone Blenders, Fluidized Bed Mixers, and Variable Intensity Blenders. Size reduction equipment includes Pin Mills, Attrition Mills, De-Clumper™ Lump Breakers, SCC™ Screen Classifying Cutters, Rotary Knife Cutters, HammerHead™ Hammer Mills and Titan™ Shredders.

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