Turbo Compact Mixing Module Meets ATEX Requirements for Explosion-Proof Processing

Turbo Compact Mixing Module Meets ATEX Requirements for Explosion-Proof Processing
The Turbo Compact Mixing (TCM) module from process equipment manufacturer Gericke USA, Somerset, NJ (www.gerickegroup.com), meets ATEX requirements for operation in hazardous environments.

ATEX-certified as standard, the Gericke TCM is suitable for installation in ATEX zone 20 internal and zones 21 and 22 external in areas where an explosive atmosphere with a cloud of combustible dust is likely to occur or remain present continuously or for long periods of time during normal operation. The explosion-safe TCM integrates continuous mixing with the company’s gravimetric loss-in-weight (LIW) inline feeder to automatically meter precise amounts of dry material into the companion continuous mixer for fast, gentle mixing on a compact footprint.

Eliminating concern for combustible dust explosions when processing fine powders, the Gericke TCM is ideal for mixing sensitive ingredients including up to three micro-ingredients that require precise feeding to achieve the desired homogeneity. The self-contained mixing system is proven in mixing infant formula, adult nutrition supplements, and other products involving trace elements, probiotics, flavors, and colorants when cross-contamination cannot be permitted.

The entire Turbo Compact Mixing system disassembles in minutes for safe, easy, complete cleaning. Testing on the TCM is offered at the Gericke test laboratory.

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