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New Innovation for High-Care Big-Bag Filling

New innovation voor high-care big-bag filling
4 Nov 2021  |
Dinnissen presents a unique Big-Bag filling system.

This system is specifically designed for filling big-bags in a high-care environment, where no pallet is used. With, among other things, the integrated belt conveyor, triple sealing and the absence of hydraulics, this is a very well thought-out Big-Bag filling solution. 


  • Filling of big bags under very careful conditions, without pallet.
  • Sealed filling process: triple sealing with spout stretching technology.
  • Big-bag compaction and weighing integrated in one position.
  • Blow-in system to blow the big bag into shape at start-up.
  • No hydraulics in the high-care area.
  • Hygienic design according to EHEDG standards.
  • Automatic hook movement for better ergonomics.
  • Automatic unloading of big bag loops.
  • Integrated belt conveyor, lifting table and vibration unit.
  • Produced by Dinnissen: designed, built and tested in-house.


  • Food-safe.
  • No dust contamination.
  • Optimal compaction.
  • Stable ‘high’ big bags without gas inclusions.
  • Guaranteed oxygen level (< 0.5%).
  • High capacity.
  • Good ergonomics

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