LAARMANN Big Bag Sample Divider

LAARMANN Big Bag Sample Divider
The representative sampling of bulk materials is always a critical challenge.

 Especially when the sample has been transported for some distance (big bag) there is definitely segregation in the content and the chance of impurities is high. Besides the massive workload on operators lifting heavy sample material, there also exists the question about the “human-error”. Bias by different operators must be excluded at any time where possible.

As a player in the field of sampling and sample preparation LAARMANN detects and recognizes the issues described above. Based on detailed conversations with the users of the equipment various possibilities can be engineered and manufactured.

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LAARMANN continues to be at the forefront in sample preparation product development. The company pioneered large capacity pulverizing systems. Our commitment to keep continuous improvement on sample preparation techniques is highlighted in the release of a next generation pulverizing mill, high-capacity fine jaw crusher and innovative robotic systems. The ...