Packaging as a Key Factor of Success

Packaging as a Key Factor of Success
The HAVER & BOECKER Machinery Division will be exhibiting at this year's POWTECH on April 9 - 11 under the motto "Perfect Flow for our blue planet". The focus is on the question of sustainability and resource conservation. The packaging specialist from Oelde is presenting itself together with HAVER & BOECKER Wire Weaving, and BEHN + BATES - the experts for food packaging (Hall 1, Stand 535).

Joint venture AVENTUS founded last year together with WINDMÖLLER + HÖLSCHER, the specialist for systems for the packaging of free-flowing bulk materials to the finished pallet, will be represented at POWTECH with its own stand (Hall 1, Stand 518) and will provide information on the latest filling technology for prefabricated open-mouth bags, FFS (Form- Fill-Seal) systems as well as palletizing technology and cargo securing.

The Wire Weaving Division will be presenting new and proven products from its range for particle analysis, sieving and filtration. Among the innovations for the laboratory sector are the HAVER CSA evaluation software with sieve recognition function and additional accessories.

Requirements are increasing and becoming more diverse

Mankind is facing one of its greatest challenges in history: It is experiencing unprecedented population growth and up to ten billion people will have to share a shrinking habitat that is facing many changes over the coming decades. The willingness to sustainably pioneer new methods and use resources responsibly and sparingly will decide what the future holds for our blue planet.

HAVER & BOECKER is intensively focussed on the question of what role the packaging of bulk goods will play in this context. Which packaging will help us use our resources as sparingly as possible? What impacts does it have on the packaged products? Can the packaging possibly also contribute to reducing the CO2 footprint? The company invites visitors to its stand in order to discuss these topics together.

In addition to environmental aspects, there are numerous other requirements. Today, packaging no longer makes the filled bulk material just a saleable end-product, but it is increasingly becoming a central factor of success for production, logistics and, above all, as a competitive advantage in the sale and marketing of products. Health & safety in particular are now playing an important role. The HAVER & BOECKER Machinery Division is increasing customer awareness of different requirements and is presenting possible packaging alternatives. At POWTECH the company will be displaying all common containers filled by different machine technologies, depending on the customer’s requirements, and demonstrating the main advantages of each.

Protecting the surroundings and avoiding product loss

The HAVER & BOECKER Machinery Division specifically serves the chemical and construction chemicals industries. The focus here is on the ADAMS® technology, the clean packaging of powdery, bulk products into watertight PE packaging. The completely closed packaging protects highly sensitive products from loss and secures the quality against environmental impacts. “Manufacturers are producing and packaging where the raw materials are located, which often means in countries with special climatic conditions. The packaged products are also exposed to extreme environmental conditions during global transport. This is precisely why the packaging has to withstand these conditions and absolutely protect the product,” says Robert Brüggemann, Business Unit Head at HAVER Chemicals. Packaging in watertight PE containers offers precisely these advantages.

The bags are both tear-resistant and waterproof. They offer high UV and aroma protection, which is a critical advantage especially for hygroscopic products. At the same time, the environment is protected against contamination by potentially hazardous substances.

This technology has also found its way into the food industry. With the ROTO-PACKER® ADAMS® CARE-LINE® Edition, BEHN + BATES – the specialist for food packaging at HAVER & BOECKER – has developed a packaging system for filling PE tubular film bags that meet the special hygienic requirements of the food industry. With regard to hygienic design, the system eclipses everything that has existed so far. BEHN + BATES will also be represented at the POWTECH stand.

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