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Patented Pneumatic Conveying System Transfers Bulk Materials Hundreds of Vertical Feet Up

Patented Pneumatic Coneying System Transfers Bulk Materials Hundreds of Vertical Feet Up
10 Jun 2022  |
The Pulse-Line(TM) PTA PL pneumatic conveying system from process equipment manufacturer Gericke, USA, Somerset, NJ automatically transfers powders, pellets, and other bulk materials up hundreds of feet of vertical lift for safe, smooth loading of silos, mixers, hoppers, reactors, and other discharge points set high off the floor or ground.

Featuring a patented design, the dense phase Pulse-Line PTA PL uses one or more high pressure vessels with an external air injection system to generate the high conveying action up to six barg required to overcome long, vertical distances yet operates at low gas velocities for gentle transfer. The clever design ensures the material consistently moves forward as pulsed slugs without falling backwards down the piping while safeguarding particle size and shape.

Often specified for transferring food ingredients, chemicals, pharmaceuticals, and other dry, fragile materials and mixtures, the sealed pneumatic conveyor operates without rotary valves or other rotating parts to eliminate concern for metal contamination and air leakage. The pneumatic conveyor system is custom-engineered for each installation and includes the feeding hopper, pressure vessel, pipeline, activators, air supplies, and the company’s computer-driven STP 61 touch-screen control system. Optional explosion-proof and sanitary versions are available.

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