Dinnissen Sifting Solutions

Dinnissen Sifting Solutions
Whatever solution you are looking for, Dinnissen has an extensive range of solutions ready to quickly and reliably sift your powders, pellets grain, and granular materials to produce precisely the desired end result.

Centrifugal sifter

One of the sifting techniques we commonly use at Dinnissen is based on using of centrifugal force. The material to be sifted is introduced into the sifting chamber through a pneumatic conveying system or by gravity, and the material is sifted during rotation.

Vibrating sifter

Many processors opt to use a vibrating sifter before a product is processed in their process line.

This process, makes the following operations possible:

  • Scalping: topping off a small proportion of coarse particles from a product stream.
  • Control: safety sifting to separate contaminants.
  • Fractionation: dividing a product stream into various product fractions based on granular size.
  • Dust removal: the removal of the dust content in the product stream.

In-line sifter

Dinnissen offers a wide variety of vibration and centrifugal sifters specifically designed for in-line sifting using a pneumatic, negative or positive pressure conveyor.

Rotary drum sifter

Quality is of great importance in animal feed, pet food, or aqua feed production. Dinnissen drum sifters are available in several sizes, depending on the desired capacity.

Would you like to know how you can screen materials more efficiently and productively? And would you also like to know about the integration of sifters into your process? Please feel free to contact one of our specialists without any obligation.

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