Russell Finex Helps Chinese Additive Manufacturing (AM) Plant to Streamline its Powder Processing

Recovering titanium AM Powder - Russell Finex
Additive manufacturing is a growing market in China. Companies like the Chengdu Tianqi Industry Group strive to improve the process by building reliable 3D printing centres to meet rising demand.

To help with this the group contacted Russell Finex to replace their manual sieve with an efficient and safer automated solution to process their titanium AM powder.

After a consultation, the Russell AMPro® Lite was recommended as an innovative alternative to meet Tianqi’s processing requirements. The machine was set up for powder reclaim from the 3D printer chamber. Screening powder at a much faster rate so it could be moved on to the next stage of processing. In addition to increasing sieving capacity, the Russell AMPro® Lite minimized product waste and improved operator safety. The contained system was ideal to prevent powder leakage into the air, as well as preventing contaminants from getting into the powder. 

The Russell AMPro® Lite is ideal for safeguarding the quality of your AM powders while boosting production rates. The design also lends itself to easy disassembly and cleaning to minimize production downtime while improving hygiene.

Contact us to learn more about how our Russell AMPro® range can help you to meet your AM powder processing requirements.

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