Nutsche Filter Dryer for a Northamerican Foodtech Company

Nutsche Filter Dryer for a Northamerican Foodtech Company
A North American Foodtech company has relied on Bachiller for the manufacture of a Nustche Filter Dryer (FNB-4-S) with a volume of 4 m³ in AISI-316-L.

In this project, the client required equipment that was capable of separating the crystallized product after the crystallization reaction, washing it, and finally drying it to reach the final moisture levels necessary for its quality standards.

The Nutsche Filter Dryer is the optimal equipment for the needs of our client in this project since it will be able to carry out all the required processes in the same machine and with high efficiency, validated in our laboratory.

Additionally, we have provided our client with a weight-controlled unloading system in Big bags, with metal detection. To accommodate all of this, and due to available height limitations, a screw conveyor has been installed to perform all operations on one level.

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