New Rotary Valve Advance Permits Pressure Wash Cleaning in Place

New Rotary Valve Advance Permits Pressure Wash Cleaning in Place
A new advance from process equipment manufacturer Gericke USA, Somerset, NJ, enables the company's rotary valves to be cleaned in place using water jets and other high-pressure cleaning methods without risk to the housing or internals.

Developed to speed washdowns and reduce downtime for cleaning, the optional, new fast clean advance features a proprietary stainless steel housing construction and sealing structure proven to withstand powerful water jet pressures up to IP X6 in testing to IEC 60529 and EN 60529 standards.

Ideal for use in food, dairy, nutrition, and other sanitary processes, the latest design advance is available on the company’s HDMF Series rotary valves, which are USDA-certified for use in food and dairy processing, and on the BSMF Series blow off valves for pressure release. The high pressure-compatible advance is offered in tandem with the company’s existing clean-in-place (CIP) design for internal cleaning or as a stand-alone feature and may be retrofit on existing Gericke RotaVal valves in the field.

The sanitary valves are designed, manufactured, tested, and inspected at the company’s headquarters and delivered ready for installation with a one-year warranty included as standard. Product and performance testing are offered live at the company’s New Jersey test center or via online livestream.

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