Polimak Custom Made Valves

Polimak Custom Made Valves
Diverter and flow control valves are used as solutions for various application areas and industries such as food, cement, iron, steel, agriculture, chemicals, and plastics to shut off flows, adjust flow speeds and change conveying directions of powders, pellets, and granular bulk materials.

They are preferred in many processes which require dosage control, batching, silo/hopper/jet cyclone discharging, pneumatic conveying line discharging, air slide conveyor/screw conveyor/airlock, and machine feeding.

Almost any material in powder or granular form of bulk solid can be handled with diverter valves. However, each process is unique and should be handled well. Selecting the most efficient valve for a particular system requires detailed information by collecting correct technical specifications to determine the features of the valve.

Custom design valves are selected by analyzing primarily the intended use of the valve whether it will be used as a solution for shut-off, flow regulation, diverting, converging, venting. Not only the physical properties of the bulk material; sticky, abrasive, corrosive but also minimum and maximum ambient temperature, moisture content determines the construction material such as carbon steel, stainless steel, aluminum, hardox, welded body, or cast body. Furthermore, the inlet and outlet connection shapes and sizes, pressure or vacuum level at inlet and outlet ports, the installation location and type of application whether it requires food-grade, explosion protection, or Atex certification should be considered according to custom requirements.

Each successful application is a result of good observation of the handled material and experience on difficulties and challenges of that specific process. Certain applications might require large diameters, unique inlet-outlet flanges, different sealings, non-standard dimensions, or non-standard body designs.

Handled materials can be any of the bulk solid materials from cement, fly ash, cement clinker, gypsum, perlite, mining minerals, calcium carbonate, pvc, plastic pellets, plastic powders, polyethylene, ceramic powders, alumina, bentonite, wheat, flour, animal feed, seed, corn, bauxite, coal, kaolin, limestone, marble powder, soda ash, urea, sodium sulfate, rice, and sugar.

Custom engineered production incorporates problem definition, conceptualization, design, validation, production, and installation. Polimak’s successful teams carry out these steps efficiently and provide custom engineered solutions in very short times.

Numerous Polimak Valve configurations are being designed to provide solutions for various ranges of industrial processes. Special silo discharger valve, double gate gravity discharge valve, dosing valve, rod gate valve, two-way converger valve, aeration rotary throttle valve, double slide gate diverter, and double dump valves are some of Polimak custom design valves. Selecting the right type, design and every single component configurable to meet the specific requirements of that application requires great knowledge and Polimak’s experienced teams are ready to offer solutions to your applications.

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