Vortex Clear Action Gate Designed for Airlocks

Vortex Clear Action Gate Designed for Airlocks
The Vortex Clear Action Gate can be used in many applications, but is the ideal slide gate to be used in conjunction with an airlock. Because the Clear Action Gate is designed to seal against pressures below, it is able to prevent air loss and maintain convey line pressures – to ensure efficient material movement.

Airlock application
The most common application of a Clear Action Gate is below a bin or silo and above an airlock, used to feed materials into a pneumatic convey line. In these situations, the bolt hole pattern on the bin or silo discharge flange is often different than the flange pattern of the airlock. The Vortex Clear Action Gate’s bolt hole patterns are customizable to match up with any bin, silo or airlock in the industry.

The importance of gates above airlocks
An isolation gate is often needed above an airlock for a couple of reasons:

  1. The customer prefers to start the airlock without materials sitting between the rotary vanes. This is especially common for customers handling packable materials.
  2. The need to prevent convey line air and fine materials from migrating up through the airlock, into the bin or silo. Fine material migration can result in material-assisted mechanical abrasion to the airlock, as well as material cross-contamination. Without an isolation gate above an airlock, convey line air can migrate and cause “air loss,” which can result in pressure drops and line plugs in the convey line below. These issues are even more significant when two or more bins or silos are feeding into a common convey line.

Each of these issues is a maintenance or process efficiency concern.

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Metering control application
Another application to consider using a Clear Action Gate is when the gate is to be used to meter or reduce material flow. This is particularly true when the gate will not be cycled to a “full open” position during every cycle, but instead, will cycle from a “full closed” position, into a “partially open” position, then back to “full closed.”

Vortex Flow Control Assemblies:

  • Variable Position Open (VPO) or Variable Position Close (VPC)
  • Adjustable Variable Positioning (AVP)
  • Infinite Variable Positioning (IVP)

With each of these assemblies, a Clear Action Gate can repeatedly open or close at “intermediate” positions to control, shut-off, or meter material flow with pinpoint accuracy. The intermediate positions are easy to set or adjust.

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Vortex clear action gate: key features

  • Designed to handle powders, pellets or granules in gravity flow or dilute phase pneumatic conveying applications up to 15 psi | 1 bar.
  • Square-edged blade to mechanically clear materials away from the valve’s sealing surfaces on each closing stroke. This ensures materials discharge into the process line below, rather than packing in the valve’s seals. Otherwise, actuation issues can occur.
  • Material contact options, temperature modifications, and other custom features/modifications.
  • Narrow profile for ease of installation in limited space applications.
  • Shimming system for in-line seal maintenance.
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