Vortex Clear Action Gate

The Vortex Clear Action Gate is designed for use in gravity flow or dilute phase pneumatic conveying applications up to 15 psig.

It features a square-edged blade to mechanically clear materials from the valve’s sealing surfaces on each closing stroke. The self-cleaning action minimizes material build-up in the valve’s seals.

The Clear Action Gate is also designed without internal cavities. Similar slide gates are often designed with internal cavities and dead pockets where materials tend to build up and cause actuation issues. The Clear Action Gate features live-loaded hard polymer seals that are continuously forced together by a compressed rubber backing.

This allows the gate to maintain a positive seal, even as the polymer begins to wear. The gate also has no pinch points or exposed moving parts, allowing for safe operation.

The Vortex Clear Action Gate can be rated for ATEX, making it suitable for use in almost any potentially hazardous environment. Available in a wide variety of sizes and modifications, the Clear Action Gate is the ideal solution when handling powders, pellets, or granules in gravity flow or dilute phase pneumatic conveying applications.

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