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Compact Extractor for Industrial Ventilation

30 Sep 2020  |
Innovation, Reliability, Flexibility: Depureco reflects the needs of a fast-changing market.

The main target is to provide a wide range of products, along with providing solutions to solve all main specific requirements generated by any sort of specific working applications, namely dangerous dust, industrial ventilation, fixed extraction, and packaging.

All of this to support always our customers. Within this framework of changing, our R&D team is always looking for novelty in accordance with our quality standards.

DF series is equipped with a backward impeller fan that allows more than 1000 m³/h of air. For freestanding installation or directly connected to the working machines it allows to vacuum: aluminum and metal shavings as well as all kinds of dust.

Depureco DF is characterized by a 100-liter bin capacity, allowing for vacuuming of a big volume of dust. The ever-new PSC cleaning filter allows a very high cleaning efficiency.

DF can be ATEX certified, to be used in potentially explosive environments. Depureco DF is the right industrial vacuum cleaner to cover every little requirement, even the most specific.

DF 40

The DF 40 is a portable industrial vacuum with a three-phase fan for vacuuming suspended dust or it can be connected to an aluminum and PVC cutting machine. The vacuum is fitted with an excellent filtering surface with a Class M filtration efficiency (1 micron). A very effective manual filter cleaning system is fitted as standard. Thanks to a lever outside the filter chamber, the operator can shake the filter and make the dust drop directly into the bin. An automatic piston filter shaking system or jet pulse filter cleaning system can be installed on demand.

“Inside the Box”

Manual Filter Shaker

On one side of the filter chamber, there is an ergonomic manual shaker through which the operator can easily and quickly clean the filter, removing any dust and debris from its surface. Thanks to this smart cleaning system the operator can carry on working without needing to change or wash the filter.

Filtering Element

The main filter is made of sturdy antistatic polyester. Inside the fabric, there is a conductive net which avoids any electrostatic charge. The star shape ensures a large filter surface in a compact space and the passage of the air also when the filter is dirty. The fabric of the filter is M class (BIA | EN 60335-2 -69) certified. It means that all particles until 1 micron are stopped by the filter, so as to protect the blower and the operator around the vacuum cleaner.

Inlet Deflector

The inlet deflector is designed to stop the particles and slide these down into the container. The inlet permits to fit different diameter ø 100, ø 150, ø 180, ø 200. It is just necessary to order the right reduction in the unit.

Suction Unit

The vacuum is generated by an electric fan designed specifically to guarantee the best airflow while maintaining a good level of depression.

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