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Control Screening Machine VIB & PRESS

1 Apr 2021  |
The product intake station VIB & PRESS is used for the intake and control screening of powdery products, especially for difficult products which tend to form lumps.

VIB & PRESS is the principle used for this control screener, which is an innovation from Daxner. Two actions are performed at once: Additional to the vibrating screen (VIB) which performs the screening action, the products are pressed through the flat screen (PRESS) by slowly rotating paddles located just above the screen mesh. Agglomerations and lumps in the products are dissolved gently. The vibration keeps the screen free of residue and cleans it at the same time.

The paddles are driven by a geared motor with a variable frequency drive. The entire top of the machine can be removed by a simple tilting mechanism, which enables a fast and easy cleaning. Optional design with a controls systems and complete wiring “plug & play” also available.

Also a permanent-magnet for the separation of magnetic impurities can be incorporated.

Special advantages of the KS VIB & PRESS:

  • Gentle screening of sensitive, difficult products like egg powder, fat powder, pepper powder, etc.
  • Smooth results even when working with small screen mesh widths
  • De-agglomerating and lump-breaking effect
  • Fast and easy cleaning: The entire top of the machine can be removed by a simple tilting mechanism;
    the screen can be easily exchanged without the use of tools
  • Round, sturdy and hygienic construction prohibits material residue in corners and edges

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