Here’s How the Hi-Sifter Can Help Your Company in The Cosmetics Industry

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Revenue in the Cosmetics segment amounts to US$89,670.8m in 2020. The market is expected to grow annually by 6.3% (CAGR 2020-2023).

The very lucrative and high demand Cosmetics industry is expected to continue growing in 2020 and into 2023 annually by 6.3%. In 2020 alone the revenues in the Cosmetics segment amounted to $89,670.8m, with most revenue generated by the U.S at $16,682m in 2020. Elcan has had tremendous success in this highly competitive niche by helping companies achieve cleaner product, higher efficiencies and higher yields utilizing the latest breakthrough in advanced screening technology: The Hi-Sifter.

Here’s How the Hi-Sifter Can Help Your Company in The Cosmetic Industry

Unlike the older technology screeners in the market, Elcans’ Hi-Sifter has proven to be the most efficient screener at finer sizes on a production scale. Utilizing the Hi-Sifter gives companies the ability to offer their clients an array of different sized product cuts without decreasing their productivity time even at sizes as fine as 10um. This is extremely beneficial for companies in industries where finer and tighter cut sizes are needed. Traditional screeners like ultrasonic and vibratory systems, cannot effectively separate at fine sizes.  The increase in yield achieved by using the Hi-Sifter leads cosmetic companies to experience increased profits on their high value powders.

The Hi-Sifter by Elcan provides companies the versatility of a zero-contamination stainless steel body and frame. This not only proves beneficial in the cosmetic industry, but also in many other high-performance and high-value industries.

The Elcan Difference Screening Cosmetic Powder

High energy is required when separating product for the cosmetics industry due cosmetic powder’s tendency to agglomerate during processing. Screening cosmetic powders can also be very sticky which will smear on the screen and end up blinding the equipment. The Hi-Sifter employs a high amplitude energy onto the sieve surface, which breaks up agglomerates and prevents mesh holes from clogging up. The machine has a strong vertical vibration that provides high feed rate and efficiencies and simultaneously eliminates the potential for blinding. The stainless-steel explosion proof design and high energy make this machine the precise fit for companies looking to update screening machinery in their production lines.

Which Model Is the Right Fit For You?

Single or Double Deck?

For the cosmetics industry, most of our partners choose the Hi-Sifter 1000 double deck. The double deck Hi-Sifter provides more flexibility when it comes to screening for two cuts in a single pass. In some applications, we use the same screen on each deck to double pass the material for added security. The design of the Hi-Sifter is user friendly for opening up the unit to switch products or screen sizes. The screens are tensionless and are changed by the operator on the floor, eliminating the need to send sieves back for rescreening. The individual components are easily handled, and the polished finish makes cleanup and changeovers very easy.

With the shift towards high performance – high value products in demand and showing signs of continued demand, improved performance screening is required on value added products. Companies in these markets or looking to get into these markets, utilizing advanced screening technology is an easy decision. Either capitalizing the equipment or toll processing will quickly payoff with the performance value increase.

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