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DMN Reduces Delivery Time for Plug-Type Diverter Valves

DMN Reduces Delivery Time for Plug-Type Diverter Valves
30 Apr 2020  |

DMN-WESTINGHOUSE is pleased to announce that we have reduced the delivery time for our standard PTD Diverter Valve.

Delivery time at this moment: 3 weeks (ex works). Specials on request. We are currently the largest diverter manufacturer in the world with over 21,000 plug- type diverters manufactured to date. 

The PTD Plug-Type Diverter is specially designed to route powders and pellets with minimum degradation in pneumatic conveying applications. The PTD increases system efficiency and delivers a high ROI due to its highly engineered design and excellent seals. This high-performance diverter has proven to be effective in reducing production costs associated with product loss, maintenance, and operator safety. 

DMN-WESTINGHOUSE PTD plug type diverter

The valve consists of an aluminum housing and end covers in which a plug with two pipes is installed. This dual-channel design is effective in reducing product degradation and cross-contamination. A smooth passage of product is guaranteed by precision machining, very effective sealing, and a complete obstruction-free passage. Three FDA approved silicone seals guarantee the sealing between the housing and plug preventing any product leakage. 

Key Design Features: 

  • Aluminum light-weight casting with 316 stainless steel product contact parts 
  • Universal design for both diverging and converging applications 
  • Convey line pressures up to 3 bar (static seals), and up to 6 bar (inflatable seals) 
  • No moving parts on the outside for increased operator safety 
  • Resistance to seal abrasion, so seals rarely need replacement 

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