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Dual-Speed Multibop Pin Mill

3 Mar 2020  |
Lessine has developed a large range of centrifugal mills, in different sizes and for various applications. Among them: the dual-speed pin mill.

The advantages of the centrifugal mills are their flexibility in particle size reduction by adapting the rotor speed.

However, adapting rotor speed by variable speed drive has its limits:

  • Indeed, it reduces speed to constant torque, meaning that the available power lowers along with the speed;
  • It can reduce speed by a factor of 1:5 in industrial applications.

In applications where a higher speed reduction is required, a special execution has been developed by Lessine using a dual-speed motor.

The usage of a pole-changeable motor, based on Dahlander winding combining 4-2, 8-4, 12-6 or other separate windings, extends the limits of the flexibility of the pin or hammer types centrifugal mills.

Lessine dual-speed Multibop pin mill can be made of carbon steel or stainless steel. The milling motor includes a hub and a moving plate fitted with pin crowns or hammer plates.

In case of pin mill, a stator – made of several pin crowns – is fixed on the hinged door wherein the hammer plate design, a cylindrical control sieve is mounted on the periphery of the rotor.

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