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Bulk Solids Handling – Storage, Feeding, Transfer, Belt Conveying – Perth

Held multiple times per year in Australia in various locations including New South Wales, Queensland and Western Australia.

The storage, handling and transportation of bulk solid materials are major activities for a vast number and variety of industries throughout the world. These range from the gentle handling of very small quantities of material in the pharmaceutical and chemical industries to the vast quantities handled and processed by the mining and mineral companies. This diversity is particularly evident in Australia where the wide-ranging nature and scale of operations is somewhat unique.

Key learning outcomes:

  • Basic principles of handling plant design
  • Bulk solids flow properties and application to design
  • Loads on bin walls – symmetric, eccentric discharge – shock loads and silo quaking
  • Stockpile design incorporating draw-down, live capacity, base loads and locations of reclaim hoppers, feeders and tunnels
  • Loads on buried structures in bins and stockpiles
  • Chute design for feeding and transfer
  • Belt conveying – overview of various types of conveyor belt interactions – review of basic design procedures

14 Nov 2023 - 16 Nov 2023

Resources Centre of Excellence

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Since its establishment in 1975, TUNRA Bulk Solids has continued to be highly respected both nationally and internationally for its professional industry consulting services and cutting edge research and technological developments in the many areas encompassed by bulk solids handling,...

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