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EHEDG Advanced Course on Hygienic Design 2023 Denmark

EHEDG Advanced Course on Hygienic Design
EHEDG Advanced Course on Hygienic Design 2023 Denmark


The EHEDG advanced course provides knowledge and insight into hygienic design of process
equipment, process lines and facilities in relevant for food, biotech and pharma industry. The aim
is to show that hygienic design when applied properly will lead to optimal product safety and high
product quality as well as lead to diminished down time, maintenance costs, cleaning costs and
environmental impact. The course includes compliance to current legislation and standards.


The target audience are designers, constructers, technical personnel, and service providers in the
industries mentioned above. It is also relevant for managers (technical, quality or projects),
supervisors as well as anyone who are actively involved in prescribing requirements for equipment
and buildings, or servicing equipment for industries relying on hygienic or aseptic processing.


The fundamentals of the subjects are taught in a practice-oriented manner using examples and
pictures. Design guidelines are dealt with in terms of the basic properties experimental evidence.
The course provides tools to solve hygienic problems within your own organization. The course
engages the participants through interactive training. The exam is held on the last course day.


The course responsible is Alan Friis (FORCE Technology) who has more than 25 years’
experience in the field of hygienic engineering. He is EHEDG Authorized Evaluation Officer in
charge of certification of equipment. Co-trainer is Dirk Nikoleiski (Commercial Food Sanitation).
Both trainers are deeply involved in development of EHEDG guidelines and are authors to books
on matters of hygienic design and safe food production. The course language is English.

24 Oct 2023 - 26 Oct 2023

Park Alle 345

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