Sieving and Filtration Equipment to Enhance your Food Quality

Sieving and Filtration Equipment to Enhance your Food Quality
Russell Finex offers market-leading solutions to safeguard your product quality while meeting strict hygiene standards.

Food companies face a range of challenges when it comes to separation and filtration. Whether it is sieving flour or filtering liquid chocolate, Russell Finex offers a wide range of solutions refined over 85 years of engineering experience. We provide specialized equipment including vibratory sieves, separators, and liquid filters to help food manufacturers to reach their production goals.

Through innovative design, our machines boost productivity to further optimize your food production. We have helped bakery companies such as Zeelandia reduce the time to screen their raw baking materials by using a Russell Compact Sieve® and bag dump station.

With over 85 years of experience in engineering specialized separation and filtration equipment, Russell Finex continue to be at the forefront of providing market-leading solutions to the food industry. We serve a range of companies including global brands such as Nestle, Heinz and Kellogg’s.

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Russell Finex are global leaders in sieving, separation, and filtration technology, designing and manufacturing innovative vibratory screeners, separators, ultrasonic mesh deblinding systems and self-cleaning in-line filters for over 85 years. With “Customer Trust, a Russell Must” as its ethos, Russell Finex can assure and enhance the reputation ...

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