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General Purpose Containment Solution - The Downflow Booth

9 Feb 2022  |
The potency of APIs (Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients) in OSD (Oral Solids Dosage) formulations has been increasing for years and the number of potent compounds only continue to grow. This necessitates additional provisions to protect personnel from exposure to these chemicals.

The risk or exposure or containment of a potent compound exists in the technology used for product transfers.  It is quite simple to assure containment once the product is in a “box” but the process of putting in the box or removing is where the risk/challenge lies.

There are many ways and units used to express the containment level need of a system. This banding diagram provided here gives a convenient cross-reference across different containment level terminology.  Setting the containment level is the first important first step to communicate a measurable threshold for your vendor to achieve. This paired with a well-thought-out URS gives the basis for further discussion with your vendor partner.

We have a toolbox of 13 principal containment devices we use in our OSD system designs; 10 being active barriers that prevent product release and three basic devices that capture the product release during a transfer operation. As vendors, we must achieve the clearest possible understanding of a client’s need, intended use, and operator-centric methods to select the best tool or combination of tools to assure a robust solution to the project’s containment levels. With this, we can prepare a solution that protects the people within your budget and timeframe.

The Downflow is our general-purpose containment device for open product transfers that serve to protect workers from product inhalation when working inside the booth. The Downflow both created a downward airflow path to prevent the product from migrating towards an operator’s breathing zone. The secondary function of the Downflow booth is to contain products released inside from migrating into the corridors and other areas of the facility.  The booth is a self-contained system with a blower, filters, and controls to supply a safe working environment (band 2; 100 µg/m³) for powdered APIs and Excipients, while sampling, weighing, and dispensing.  The booth is supplied with lights, alarms, monitors, and temperature control. The ceiling plenum is designed with HEPA filters and stainless-steel diffuser panels (90 fpm airflow) and supplied with lights with a 5-15% bleed air discharge. These filters are DOP testable units for certification. Pre-filters are provided in the return grilles. 

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