Global Customers See Cost Savings with Yamato’s Packer Scale

Global Customers See Cost Savings with Yamato's Packer Scale
MEQUON, WI - Bulk weighing capacity by conventional two-line systems can now be achieved by one line.

The Yamato FNL-308CC high-speed packer scale offers safe, stable, and above all clean loading of powder and bulk solids. A newly developed optimal feed control also offers shorter operation times.

The Yamato FNL-308CC packer scale features a separate product weighing zone. This prevents any mechanical interference or contamination from foreign materials. Since the weighing chamber is separate, debris from loading and discharge components will not contaminate the product, ensuring it remains clean.

In addition, maintenance features have been improved. Jigs with attached guide rails are used for scale hoppers when maintenance checks and regular cleanings take place.

With the Yamato FNL-308CC packer scale, installation space is conserved, line operation times are shortened, power usage is cut, and even maintenance times are reduced, helping to decrease overall running costs.

Global customers have benefited from implementing this scale into their packaging lines. Companies in China, Mongolia, Thailand, Mexico, India, and Russia have increased efficiency, accuracy, and their bottom line with Yamato’s weighing capabilities.

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