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Dimple-t Bulk Solids Coolers are vertical modular mounted dimple plate type heat exchangers.

The Heat Exchangers are used as coolers and heaters for free flowing products like granules, prills, crystals, pellets, powders and seeds. Examples are Fertilizer, Sugar, Polymers, Foundry Sand, Soybean, Canola, Grains etc.

Dimple-t Bulk Solids Coolers – The most efficient bulk solids heat exchangers

Dimple-t’s design is unique due the total elimination of horizontal ledges, 100% elimination of thermal stresses, small footprint, no cooling air required, low energy required, easy as revamp for existing production lines.

Dimple-t company policy is not to build for stock. Every piece of equipment that we design and manufacture is made to suit an individual project of a client.

Dimple-t Bulk Solids Coolers
Bulk Solids Coolers and Heaters
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