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REDWAVE is a trademark of BT-Wolfgang Binder which is a sensor based sorting technology.The REDWAVE Mineral Sorter has been developed for sorting and handling of different minerals to improve the quality. Identification and sorting of various Minerals, Ores and Gemstones such as Limestone, Quartz, Talc, Gold, Nicel, Willemite, Magnesite, Emeralds and Diamonds etc. The automatic separation occures on the basis of colour, translucence, size, brightness or element distributions.

Size ranges: from 0,5 mm to 300 mm
Working width: from 800 mm to 2.000 !!!! mm
Sorting systems: belt and gravity sorter
Single or double side scanning

Sensor technologies:
– Line Scan Camera (colour recognitino for Industrial Minerals, Gemstones, base and precious Metal Ores)
– Near Infrared (Mineral recognition by individual NIR spectrum)
– Multi Sensor (NIR spectrum and colour recognition of the Minerals)
– X-Ray Fluorescence (Mineral and ORe recognition by element distributions and their own Fluorescence Spectrum)
– Inducitve Metal Detector (Ores and Metals recognition through their conductivity)

REDWAVE, a trademark of BT-Woflgang Binder – AUSTRIA

REDWAVE, a trademark of BT-Wolfgang Binder GmbH
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