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TRITEC Seal is a world-class leader in the engineering and manufacturing of PTFE rotary lip seal solutions.

We provide custom designed rotary shaft seals and wear sleeves for a wide variety of applications in virtually every industry. Our expertise in blending our own PTFE compounds gives you the advantage of a solution crafted specifically for your application. TRITEC Seal provides products for extreme operating conditions, including high temperature, high pressure, and high shaft speed.

TRITEC Seal’s Engineering and Manufacturing expertise allows us to quickly prototype your sealing solution and get it in your hands faster than anyone in the industry. The production of your parts will be manufactured faster than anyone in the industry and produced to our ISO Quality, Engineering and Production standards.

Our guarantee is a customized solution that will enhance the quality of your products and provide quick turn-around times. We encourage our customers to work directly with our Engineering and Sales teams to ensure an optimal engineered seal solution to your specific application, and delivered on time.

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