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NTE Process is the Single Solution Provider of turnkey systems with process solutions, ranging from dense phase pneumatic conveying to mixing but also liquid injection, drying, atomization, and in-line formulation to packaging. Technologies are available for full-scale tests at our Research and Innovation Centre, located in the province of Milan (Italy). NTE Process offers innovative pneumatic mixers: the use of compressed air or nitrogen pulses move gently the product until the mixing target is achieved.

“Nte Process’ air mixer offers 5 different functions: powder mixing, vacuum transport, liquid injection, degassing, and powder conditioning. It is an absolute new in the world of industrial plant engineering and represents the synthesis of all the expertise of a company that has been operating in this sector for over 20 years and that works with the primary objective of improving the processes implemented by its customers so that they can save time and labor. These solutions have a potential in a variety of contexts where different types of powders and/or liquid additives must be used and ideal for food, nutraceutical as well as fine chemistry and battery industry applications”.

Emanuele Fratto, Corporate Sales Manager NTE Process

Shorter mixing time, no dead zones, easy cleaning, and maintenance, fast changeover, energy-saving: are just some of the advantages that can be achieved with air mixers.

Normally NTE Blender used to mix batches from 200litres to 200m3, but recently for R&D centers and small productions With a nominal batch capacity of 90 liters, the Jetmixer Lab Unit combines the benefits of air mixing with the innovation of variable stroke valves to ensure fast and efficient mixing, easy cleaning for quick production changes, nitrogen degassing and CO2 inerting, temperature and humidity conditioning. Wear parts can be replaced from the outside without removing the cone. The mixer is extremely user-friendly with an intuitive graphic interface, it has no mechanical parts inside with a considerable reduction of risk for use in laboratories, and it’s suitable for abrasive and fragile materials.

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