Butterfly Valve: One of the Most Critical Components of Pharmaceutical Plant

Butterfly Valve: One of the Most Critical Components of Pharmaceutical Plant
In the pharmaceutical industry, butterfly valves are a key system component as they can be combined with the most performing equipment to manage delicate products.

They are used to guarantee the transfer of bulk solid products according to the strict health and safety international standards.

From the design to the choice of materials, everything contributes to developing a valve able to handle dedicate products and to inhibit at most some typical problem that may occur in the process:

Shedding: contamination of the pharmaceutical product with elastomer or polymer particles resulting from valve wear.

Oxidation of metals: when metals are not chosen according to the standard or properly worked (welding).

Product contamination: bacterial charges due to surfaces not perfectly done (surface roughness).

In this regard Sterivalves srl uses exclusively:

  • Elastomers with compound compliant FDA 177§2600.
  • Stainless steel according to EN 1.4404 in contact with the product
  • Roughness of surfaces such as to prevent the formation of bacterial charges. (Internal surface Ra <0.5µm; External surface Ra <1.2µm).

In terms of costs, the valve is one of the items that less affects within a plant, nevertheless, it is one of the most critical parts, both in terms of function and in terms of safety.

Choosing the right valve is fundamental to the success of the entire process. SteriValves butterfly valves are subject to strict controls, and they all carry with them the certification that guarantees the quality of each production step.

Every valve is manufactured, tested and individually packed. The serial number and the company logo are etched on the valve to guarantee the manufacturing quality and the traceability. This procedure offers the customer added value: every component can be easily identified and therefore replaced or repaired, reducing risks and increasing safety.

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