Simplified Cleaning Operations

Simplified cleaning operations
Standard industrie, French designer and manufacturer of industrial vacuum cleaners, has recently installed a centralized vacuum cleaner referenced SAM at POLYCHIM INDUSTRIE – France- with the aim to optimize daily cleaning operations.

Until now, cleaning operations in the “Finishing” building was carried out manually, raising several problems: fatigue, limited performance, product recycling issue, safety, compliance with standards and regulations and maintenance of machines linked to the process… POLYCHIM planned to invest in a powerful centralized vacuum cleaner in order to suck up the overflowing materials located under the installations and reduce the dust emissions.

Standard Industrie studied the environment, the characteristics and quantity of the material to be vacuumed as well as the frequency of use of the machine. The customer’s material is polypropylene powder + dust + fines scattered around in the facility, main issues are thin layers (up to 1 cm) and small piles of material.

A demonstration on site and then calculations (performance/machine/network) were carried out in order to validate the necessary vacuuming power and confirm the ideal performance/budget ratio.

The SAM is installed outside the building and connected to a vacuum network. The emptying is done in a big-bag, idea is to recover the collected material.

Thanks to this installation and more precisely a SAM1100SX: vacuum machine equipped with an explosion vent and antistatic filter, fitted with ATEX Zone 20 rotary valve, the working conditions and safety of the operators have been significantly improved. SAM allows to maintain packing installations in the whole building clean.

SAM specifications :

  • Application : Cleaning & pumping 
  • Motor : Electrical
  • Collection :  Container or  silo
  • Operators : Up to 4
  • Performance (product density 1) : Up to 13 tons/hour
  • Air output : Up to 2500 m3/hour
  • Vacuum pressure : Up to 3800 mm WC
  • Collection capacity :  Up to 1,5 m3 
  • Particle size : Up to 40 mm

SAVINGS : Moveable by lift truck

Quick and easy ready-to-use.

COMPACT : Compact equipment thanks to an integrated collection capacity

FLEXIBLE : Quick-any-on-site-intervention + many discharge possibilities  container, big bag, barrels, skips, continuous handling

SAFE : Solid and simple technology enables it to operate in heavy industrial environments with the highest level of safety and productivity

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