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Tetra Pak® Powder Feeder DN061

10 Nov 2020  |
The most accurate dosing of dry ingredients for recipe preparation and the best value feeder solution in the industry for powder handling installations.

Designed to ensure accurate dosing of powder, the Tetra Pak® Powder Feeder DN061 has a hygienic design with configurations and options to meet our customers’ needs.

Manufactured from stainless steel according to sanitary design standards, it is suitable for a wide range of applications in the food industry such as dairy ingredients for yoghurt preparations, bakery products, prepared food applications…


  • Accurate dosing
  • Anti-vaulting
  • Extended range of product outflow
  • Limited powder retention
  • Safety & hygiene compliance
  • Parts in contact with product manufactured in stainless steel
  • Synchronous motor
  • Swiveling hinge for motor disassembly

Working Principle

The blade prevents powder from vaulting inside the hopper or bag-tipping unit. It also allows constant and uniform density when feeding the dosing screw.

Prior to tip the bag, the operator opens the front door. The integrated reverse jet filter and the fan start automatically.

Once the tipping process is finished, the front door has to be closed. The filter and the fan stop automatically. The product is transferred from the inlet to the outlet of the tube by an Archimedes screw. This screw is actuated by a direct coupling gear motor. The gear motor is connected to a frequency inverter to enable adjustment of the speed for fine dosing.

That motor is of the synchronous type, which ensures a constant and accurate speed between 0 to 146 rpm, despite potential torque variations.

A small screw pitch regulates the flow and ensures accurate dosing. Thanks to the pressurized bearings concept, no powder can enter the bearings.

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A powder handling solution can be used to control any type of powder either as a raw material such as sugar, milk powder, salt, flour…or as a finished product like instant formula, instant drinks or...

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